Why Would Your Ex Block You Then Unblock You

To consider why narcissists do certain things, it can be helpful to consider their idealized false self and how important maintaining the image of that false self is. When we first got together, my attachment anxiety was a constant problem but i have since worked.

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Why would an ex block you then unblock you then block you again?

Why would your ex block you then unblock you. You’re on social media, scrolling through cute puppy pics and news. Dear heart, sorry for all the damage. If you do, they’re laughing as it shows the narc that no mat.

Dear pillow, sorry for all the tears. First they will expect you to keep calling, then they go into shock trying to justify why they dumped you. Coming from someone who has loved and lost more times than god himself can count, i have finally learned this wonderful lesson.

Whatever you feel will help you move forward. He wants to grab attention, he is still unsure about his decisions, or he is just too curious to know your life updates, he wants to get back to you or he wants to see how you react to it. Another common reason why your ex girlfriend keeps blocking and unblocking you is… 3.

The second one is not wanting to hear from you again because you are being very pushy. Next, your ex will start to question himself and whether he/she made the right decision. If you feel this is you, and that you need block to get over the relationship faster, then do it.

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Its been three weeks i have been unblocked by the way. If your ex boyfriend blocks you from his smartphone but he doesn’t block you from facebook then technically you can still get back in touch with him through facebook when you want. If it’s a guy, he might want to know if you are now with another man.

11 possible reasons why your ex unblocked you. So why would my ex block me then unblock me?why would my ex get mad about a new girl?and why would she not reply to my msg. Dear brain, you were right

This is a big fear that most people who have been blocked have is that their ex isn’t paying attention to them and these statistics certainly prove that wrong. It can be confusing as to why someone would block you and then suddenly unblock you after you've been broken up for some time. If you have ever been blocked by an ex, i could give you a list of explanations.

If you post often on social networks then your ex might feel like blocking you to close all open doors and to speed up recovery. There are dozens of possible motivations and reasons for this behaviour, and without being him (and i wouldn’t even count on that— some people have a habit of hiding behind denial about their own motives, so even they can’t recognize them), it’s h. If you want to move forward after knowing you give him a chance to explain then go for it.

She will then block him again and focus on moving on and finding herself a replacement guy, without having to worry about him moving on first. I don't want to make your choices for you because i believe people need to be proud and support the decision they made based on their own life. If you want to ignore him after he unblock/block you then go for it.

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I have a more important question… why should you care? I just don’t understand why you would block someone then unblock them with no intention of talking to them to me it makes more since if your not going to talk to them to leave them blocked or even deny their friends request. Narcissist tend to play mind games that are always on their terms.

Oh and her bio on facebook has this posted. So why would a guy block you and then unblock you? He broke up with me, i begged for him for like 2 whole months, he refused to come back and a lot of drama got started, then he did something that really hurt me and something i would never forgive him for.that's when i decided no more, i didn't want to keep in contact with.

You will never move on until you let go and stop caring. I have read your articles on attachment styles and decided to read out. Finally they will snoop and look for answers to the questions that have been nagging at the back of their mind.

Dear tummy, sorry for all the butterflies. Knowing what options you have is important because those options are going to determine how you play the game. She has mixed feelings about you and isn’t sure if she should get back with you

Because it proves to you that even if you’ve been blocked there is still a huge probability that your ex is very interested in what you are up to. If you are bombarding your ex with messages and calls then at one point your ex might get fed up and feel like wanting to block you. An ex unblocking you might not want to have you back in their life, it could just be that they want to know how your life is going.

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Narcissists have been emotionally abused/traumatized/neglected at a very young a. What i mean is that they will block you for a while, then out of the blue unblock you to see if you will contact them.

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