How To Tell If Sirius Radio Has Lifetime Subscription

Who purchased a paid subscription from sirius xm (or one of its predecessors) that was marketed as a “lifetime plan” or “lifetime subscription” will receive a “lifetime subscription” that can actually last for their lifetime. You could call siriusxm and ask them what the current subscription status was on the radio.

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If the dealer has done a free trial you will get mail and phone calls from xm to subscribe.

How to tell if sirius radio has lifetime subscription. Now that the settlement has been finalized and the court has signed off on it, we get a look at the terms. The first thing to understand with a sirius lifetime subscription is that it is for the lifetime of the receiver, not the person. My current subscription plan does not renew until november 2, 2021 or later.

According to the filing, everyone in the u.s. Select satradio from the audio menu of these cars. Click here if you are on a mobile device.

Below are some points that may help people understand what their lifetime subscription will be going forward: If you didn't buy is a 'comes with lifetime' then i'd just leave it alone until the subscription runs out. The agreement would also make the sirius xm.

I can't provide a written source or website that states the ban on the number of transfers has been lifted, but i can provide what my circumstances are and can tell you guys that i was told by a siriusxm customer service rep that i can transfer my lifetime subscription (purchased in 2007) as many times as i want, but each transfer costs $75 going forward. The renewal date for each subscription is displayed in the active radios/subscriptions section of the my subscriptions tab. In 2004 my wife purchased the sirius s50 portable radio with the lifetime subscription for me (xmas) $89.99 for the radio and $500 for the lifetime subscription, still have the receipts.

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Either way you are not tied to the subscription and it will eventually turn off. If you bought it specifically with lifetime (figuring you paid more for it) then i'd call and confirm that it definitely has a lifetime subscription with it and ask how many. What does a lifetime subscription mean?

If your receiver lasts you 3.5 years, you are slightly ahead of the game. A lifetime subscription is one that continues for the life of the receiver equipment. You can find the exact date your subscription renews by logging in to the online account center.

Then click channel 0 from the list to see the sirius radio id. When will i be billed at the new rates? According to the settlement terms, class members with active lifetime subscriptions may transfer sirius xm to another device an unlimited number of times for a $35 fee while class members with inactive lifetime subscriptions may reactivate their subscription or receive $100 for each inactive subscription.

Since then a lawsuit was filed which results in the lifetime subscription being good for the 'lifetime' of the subscriber not the lifetime of the radio. It is either the previous owner's subscription or if you bought the car from a dealer they may have done a free 3 month activation. If the lifetime subscription you purchased is associated with a satellite radio that, as of june 5, 2020 was activated to receive sirius xm’s satellite radio service, and continues to be authorized to receive service, according to sirius xm’s records, then you have an “active” lifetime subscription (whether or not such radio remains in use by you).

So in all, i had lifetime to sirius and best of xm in my car. That doesn't leave much for them to have lifetime subs for. When a subscription runs out, the send a deactivation signal, for the first day or say they send it say every 60 seconds, then after a couple days maybe once every 10 min, then maybe once an hour, eventually they either stop sending it or they only send it.

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I have had a lifetime subscription to sirius since 2006. See exception in faq #7 below if you currently are in a trial. I also purchased a lifetime subscription to the best of xm when the nba went from sirius to xm after their merger.

When i started listening to xm radio, i bought a lifetime subscription. Under the settlement, class members with ‘lifetime subscriptions’ that are active as of june 5th 2020 (‘active lifetime subscriptions’) will be able to transfer their ‘lifetime subscriptions’ from one satellite radio to another radio capable of receiving sirius xm’s satellite radio service (either pursuant to a paid or trial subscription to satellite radio and/or data. At the time of purchase, the contract (still have) reads lifetime or three (3) transfers at $15.00 per transfer.

It was in a unit that i had installed in my car and i loved it. Good deal, we now have a lifetime use of siriusxm for the price of a $35 transfer fee. Siriusxm tells me that lifetime subscriptions are not allowed on vehicles nor are they supposed to be transferable between vehicles.

Hi, first post here and basically registered to get some help/advice on this. It’s probably not a lifetime sub. For mazda models later than 2014, select “xm” from the available audio sources.

It’s more likely a radio that has never received the kill signal. A lifetime subscription associated with a home, portable, or dock & play receiver is transferable from one receiver to another receiver, up to a maximum of three (3) times. I have a plan for the lifetime of my radio.

According to sirius’ customer agreement, lifetime subscriptions are meant to cover the life of the receiver they were purchased for. Na na na na na na!!! How do i check my sirius subscription?

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How do i know if my car radio is sirius ready? The plaintiffs alleged that they purchased siriusxm lifetime subscriptions, paying between $350 and $755. Under the terms of the plans, subscribers could activate siriusxm, a radio streaming service, on up to four devices, as well as others for a $75 fee.

You will be billed the new rate the next time your plan renews on and after november 2, 2021. There are lots of sirius and xm radios out there without a. Siriusxm promotions if you only care about getting the very cheapest, then $4.17 per month is the cheapest.

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