“I’m sure that you’ll agree, as wildlife photographers we’re constantly looking for new and exciting places to photograph animals – places that allow us to get shots that look different from the ones we usually take in our favourite parks and reserves. I recently found such a place.” – Villiers Steyn


We invite you to join us for an intimate encounter with nature. Allowing you the opportunity to add a unique perspective and style to your portfolio.


Thinking of joining us at Indlovu River Lodge for an unforgettable experience?
Lets take a look at some of the details.


Who is this Tour for?

Everyone & anyone is welcome. If you’re an amateur photographer, somewhere in-between or a professional, this experience is for you. For those not interested in joining their partners during hide sessions, the lodge is a perfect place to relax and unwind while enjoying the stunning river views.


Photographic Opportunities:

Birds, General Game, Big 5


What to Expect:

This photographic experience is an opportunity to spend as much time as possible in the underground hides. Each day starts and ends with a morning and evening hide session. Having exclusive use means spending as much time as is necessary in each hide.

Two hides are available, allowing you the chance to photograph everything from bathing buntings and waxbills to drinking nyalas, zebras, elephants and, if luck is on your side, big cats – at eye-level! Photographing wildlife from this angle, unlike from within a vehicle, allows you to blur the background beautifully, behind even the smallest of creatures.

Both custom built hides are identical inside: Five people can sit comfortably next to each other on super comfy high-back office swivel chairs. The inside is lined with carpet to minimise noise. For maximum light and enjoyment of the surrounding sounds and smells there is no glass separating you from the animals.

Each photographer is provided with gimble head and beanbag for support (easily allowing for two camera bodies to be at the ready). There is plenty space to put down additional lenses and those ‘all-important’ cups of coffee. A narrow walkway behind the chairs allows you to stand up when you feel like stretching your legs, but believe me – you won’t want to leave your camera…

In-between hide sessions you’ll have time to relax at the lodge or process your images with our Specialist Photographic Guide in the comfort of a large studio.

For our full review of this incredible experience and destination, we suggest you read Villiers’ blog by clicking here…

We love Africa & can’t wait to share it with you!


Where is Indlovu River Lodge?

Indlovu River Lodge is based in the Karongwe Game Reserve in Limpopo, South Africa, just a 45 minute drive from Hoedspruit. Karongwe is a wildlife sanctuary located between 4 rivers which provide exceptional habitats for diverse fauna, flora and prolific birdlife.

Karongwe Game Reserve is an untamed and tranquil eden, rich in wildlife and timeless beauty. Positioned on 21 000 acres of land, with its lush environment, the sought after Big Five can be viewed in this vast wilderness.


Apart from joining us and experiencing it for yourself, the images speak for themselves. Take a look at some we have recently taken at the hides below.