LIVE UPDATE   Yesterday afternoon it was very hot when we headed out for drive. We planned to assist in locating the Styx pride, whom we would check back in with later in the afternoon once [...]


LIVE UPDATE: Another Roaring Success

LIVE UPDATE FROM TREVOR MCCALL-PEAT & VILLIERS STEYN Yesterday afternoon we set out on our final afternoon drive of this Safari and decided to search for some leopards around the lodge. We [...]


LIVE UPDATE: An Extra Special End To Our First Safari…

LIVE UPDATE FROM TREVOR MCCALL-PEAT & VILLIERS STEYN   Yesterday evening we headed out with the intention of searching for leopards. We made our way to Twin Dams and soon found tracks [...]


Live Update: Mvula and the Nkuhuma Pride

LIVE UPDATE BY TREVOR MCCALL-PEAT & VILLIERS STEYN Yesterday afternoon we headed out in search of leopards and decided to follow up on some male leopard tracks that we had seen on the way [...]


Take Your Time

Patience is a virtue when it comes to wildlife photography, but for you to show it you need enough time at a sighting…  “Look! Lions in the road!”. We’d been searching for them for days and the [...]


LIVE UPDATE: Final day on the Big Cat Photo Safari

LIVE UPDATE BY TREVOR MCCALL-PEAT & VILLIERS STEYN This morning we headed out on our final morning drive with the intention of looking for lions. Having had two lionesses at the waterhole in [...]



We woke up on the last morning of our first 2016 Big Cat Safari with mixed emotions. The thrill of going on drive whilst knowing it would be the last of the trip. The wild dogs had pushed off in [...]


Big Cats

This morning we woke up to some windy and overcast conditions. We headed out to follow up on some tracks close to the lodge when the radio came alive. Wild dogs had been spotted running right in [...]


Daybreak at the Den

First thing this morning we headed to the nearby hyena den and were greeted by five boisterous youngsters and two adults. They tumbled, tackled and chased each other around, stopping only to [...]


Rulers of the North

We set off early this morning and headed towards where Karula was last seen, however, she was no longer near her kill and we moved on. After finding some lion tracks, we followed them until we [...]

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