The Boys are Back

At Close Quarters


Yesterday afternoon we headed out and planned to head back to the Nkuhuma Pride of lions, hoping they would be more active. On the way we had a fantastic sighting of a breeding herd of elephants at Treehouse Dam. We managed to get into a great position get some really special images as the elephants drank. We had a great sighting of a African Harrier Hawk who flew above us for a while as well as a cute squirrel sighting.

We followed up on some leopard tracks but were unable to find the spotted cat s0 we decided to have a quick sun-downers stop before we mad your way to the lions. We found the lions up and moving along the road. They walked right past our vehicle which was a thrilling experience. They then settled down and sat in the road. The pride is made up of about 10 lions at the moment, mostly sub-adults. We managed to work on our night time photography which the guests really enjoyed.

We then heard that a leopard had been found and made our way to the sighting. We found Hukumuri Male on territorial patrol. This gave our guests a few more opportunities to learn night time photography. It was a great experience to follow him in the darkness and we were lucky to see him stalk some impala briefly. He is looking in fantastic condition. We then headed back to the lodge for dinner.

During the night we heard lions calling close to camp and decided to follow up this morning. We found tracks for three young male lions and began tracking in ever-decreasing circles. Our trackers worked extremely hard to try and find the lions. We got word that a guide could hear lions fighting and we headed in that direction. After some further hard work, we finally found the three Avoca Males. They were back in our traversing area.

We spent about 30 mins the with lions as they squabbled over an impala carcass. Photography was difficult as the light was now quite harsh but we assisted our guests to get the best images possible. We then had a coffee stop before we headed back to the lodge for breakfast and some post-processing training. This afternoon we will set out to find some leopards.


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