My favourite 30 images – PART 3

Villiers Steyn

My favourite 30 images – PART 3

…taken on ACQ BigCatPhotoSafaris in 2017


It’s time to share my ten favourite images taken at Djuma on this year’s At Close Quarters #BigCatPhotoSafaris with you! This is the third installment in a series of blog posts showcasing my thirty favourite images, not only of big cats, but of everything I took in the Sabi Sands this year, from the rising sun and a playful wild dog to feasting vultures and our guests at sunset.

Choosing these ten images out of the thousands taken this year was no easy task, but definitely some of the most fun I’ve had in Lightroom. And having kept a close eye on social media, it gives me an incredibly warm feeling knowing that our clients took similar images on our #BigCatPhotoSafaris, which they have proudly shared on Facebook and Instagram.

You too can get those coffee table book-shots of lions, leopards and other charismatic creatures by joining us at Djuma next year. Simply follow this link for more information and to see which dates are still available:

Spaces are filling up very quickly, so don’t hesitate to make a booking if you wish to travel during a specific time of the year!

Here are my top ten favourite images:


One of my favourite black and white images of 2018: one of the Torchwood Pride’s lion cubs.



The elusive Shadow brings her gorgeous cub into the open on Gowrie Main Road.



Like a scene from The Lion King the whole Nkuhuma Pride, together with one of the pride males, make themselves comfortable next to Treehouse Dam.



A close up of an elephant’s ‘pierced’ ear, capturing some of this old beast’s character.




Nchila checking out a hamerkop nest in a marula tree.



Without a doubt my favourite image taken after dark this year: A wide photo of one of the Birmingham Males in backlight.



A wild dog running to greet the rest of the pack next to Kudu Corner.



This image very nearly made it to no.1! I just love the striking pose of Inkanyeni – one of the most relaxed leopards in the Northern Sabi Sands – and the light on the grass through which she was walking.



This lion, which forms part of the Birmingham Males coalition, couldn’t have posed in a more beautiful spot on Torchwood’s 1st Rock!



Gijima, arguably the shyest leopard I photographed this whole year, stood looking at us in an open field after having stolen little Xongile’s fresh impala carcass. Fleeting as it may have been, it’s a moment in time I will never ever forget!

I hope you enjoyed scrolling through my thirty favourite images taken on our BigCatPhotoSafaris this year. If you only saw the top ten, don’t forget to check out numbers 30 to 21 in Part I of this blog post series and numbers 20 to 11 in Part II.

I sincerely hope to see you on safari next year!

Merry Christmas in advance and may 2018 be a year full of surprises and excitement!




  • Gerald

    Thanks Villiers.
    We’re counting the days to our next visit.

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