My favourite 30 images – PART 2

Villiers Steyn

My favourite 30 images – PART 2

…taken on ACQ BigCatPhotoSafaris in 2017


This is Part II in a three-part series of blog posts that contain my thirty favourite photographs taken while leading #BigCatPhotoSafaris for At Close Quarters in the Sabi Sands this year. To view part 1, click here.

As I count down from no.20 to no.11 you’ll see that it’s not only Djuma’s leopards and lions that made the cut, but also other mammals, scenery shots and even images of our guests. We really were surrounded by beauty all the time this year!

Here are photos 20 to 11: 

A silhouetted marula tree with the sun rising behind it.


Backlit return guest, Claire Almond, enjoying a lion sighting.


A panning shot of Hosana jumping out of a tree.



Amber Eyes and one of the other Nkuhuma lionesses quenching their thirst in front of camp.



A Chobe-like scene of elephants drinking at a small pond in Buffelshoek.



A black and white image of Thamba, Thandi’s son, relaxing on a termite mound.



A striking back-lit shot of one of the Birmingham Males on Torchwood.



Arguably my favourite sighting of 2017: Hosana feeding on an impala kill while a herd of elephants walk past in single file behind him.



Two cheetah cubs keeping a close eye on their mother from the safety of a termite mound.



A portrait of Djuma’s resident dominant male leopard, Tingana.

If you enjoyed these photographs and would love to take some of your own next year, why not join us on safari in 2018? Spaces are filling up rapidly, so book soon to avoid disappointment!

For more info on our Sabi Sands #BigCatPhotoSafaris, please click here.

To see my top 10 favourite images of 2018, keep an eye out for Part III in this series of blog posts.



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