Our guests arrived at Djuma to a very green and lush bush. After settling into their rooms and enjoying a light lunch and briefing, we all headed out on our first drive of the safari.

We decided to see what we could find on Djuma itself and drove some loops around the various water sources before making our way into the dry Mlwati  riverbed to see if anything was hiding there.
We found three male lions fast asleep on the sand. These are not the resident territorial males but a new coalition to the area known as the Avoca Males. We spent a short time with them before hearing that a male leopard had been seen nearby that had disappeared.
We spent 30 minutes trying to help relocate the leopard but the lush grass made this difficult and we decided to head back to the lions before dark. We managed to get some back-lit shots of the lions as they slowly woke up, yawned and stretched. After a good hour with the lions we headed back to camp for a well deserved dinner.
This morning we headed out and found male leopard tracks on the driveway to the lodge. We began tracking by circling the various blocks close to camp but came out empty handed. We were a fair distance from camp when we received a radio call from the lodge that some vervet monkeys were alarm calling relentlessly in front of the lodge.
When we arrived back close to camp, two spotted hyena emerged and we thought that perhaps the monkeys had seen them, and our hopes of finding a leopard had been dashed. However, to our joy and surprise, a young male leopard stepped into the driveway. It was the little chief, Hosana. We followed him as he walked through a large clearing before he began to stalk a small tree squirrel. Our guests managed to get some great shots as he pounced. Luckily for the squirrel, Hosana missed his prey.

He then headed to the top of a termite mound and posed nicely while grooming himself, before falling asleep. Having spent a good amount of time with him we headed to Treehouse dam for a celebratory coffee before we drove the short distance back to camp for brunch and a post processing session. This afternoon we may head back to the little chief of see if we can find Thandi and her cub.

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  • Marc de Chalain

    Fantastic start. Leaping shot is a lifer! Save some luck for 12 May!

  • Earline Rochester

    Leaping Hosanas!

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