Lance van de Vyver

Lance van de Vyver

Age: 30

Favorite Animals: Leopard, Wild dogs, Elephant

Photographic Experience: 12 years

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I am passionate about wildlife and have always had a dream to be involved in conservation in my own unique way. Through the power of photography, guiding and teaching I have found my calling and believe I can make a difference. To be able to bring pictures and stories into the living rooms of thousands of people all around the world is amazing, but to have clients leave from a trip with their own messages and images is even better.

I have been taking images all my adult life, dabbling in many genres from weddings, portraiture, food, product and sport, however I am always the happiest photographing wild places and animals.

I was born and raised in New Zealand with a Kiwi mother and South African father. After completing a Zoology degree, followed by a visual imaging degree majoring in photography, I moved to South Africa to become a photographic guide. 

With the combination of my Zoology degree and Level 2 FGASA qualification, my ability to read, observe and interpret animal behaviour is a huge advantage whilst on safari.

The past five years of guiding have been some of the best of my life and I have been so lucky to witness some incredible things and meet amazing people along the way. I hope the next five are even better and hope to see you on safari with me some time soon.

Lance has been published and won numerous awards for his photography, both in South Africa and New Zealand, with the highlight so far being a finalist in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards in 2016.

  • Villiers Steyn Specialist
    Photographic Guide

    My life would seem emptier without my camera, for photography allows me to immortalise important events and sightings, allowing me to re-live all those amazing experiences over and over again.”

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  • Michael Dippenaar Founder
    Photographic Guide

    The connection to nature, that being in the bush creates, is something that at an early age, I wanted more of. For as long as I can remember, I dreamt of becoming a game ranger and sharing the simple yet unpredictable daily events of the bush, with others. 

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  • Joshua McPhail Founder
    Photographic Guide

    Three of my biggest passions are the African Bush & Wildlife, Photography and teaching others what I have learnt. Therefore the opportunity to combine these three when leading Safaris with At Close Quarters is something special…

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