We’re trying something new and exciting!
So here’s how it works and how you can join us.

Periscope is a new social media app that uses live video broadcasting. This app will give us the ability to take you live on Safari with us, obviously depending on when we do have signal in the bush. This gives you the opportunity to take a look at the lodge, views and some animal sightings we have. The best thing being that fact that it is LIVE!

For now this will be more of a spontaneous thing however if you do want to tune in, you can follow us on periscope and the app should give you a notification when we go live. With some requests I have put together 3 scheduled broadcasts for our next safari, I hope you get to tune in live. If not, periscope does save the broadcast for 24 hours.

So here’s how it works and how you can join us:

1) Got to your app store on your phone (Apple App Store or Google Play Store) and search Periscope.
2) Download and install
3) Sign in with your Twitter account if you have one, otherwise you can sign up with your mobile number.
4) Once the app is open, click on the right hand people icon. Then click on the magnifying glass on the top left corner and search for “At Close Quarters”.
5) Once you have found us, follow us.

You should get a notification when we go live.

How to view us when we are live or to view an old broadcast:
– Please note you must be following us as per the instructions above for the below to work.

1) Open the App
2) You should be on the left hand TV Icon Tab – this is the tab you view broadcasts.
3) Here you will see anyone you follow that is currently broadcasting live.
4) You will also see a small heading that says recent with any recent broadcasts from the people you follow. Recent broadcasts are only stored for 24hours.

Random note: when viewing a broadcast you can comment and tap the screen to show hearts or ‘like’ the feed.
Periscope website: https://www.periscope.tv

Hope you get to join us on some of our live broadcasts 🙂

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