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5 Day Big Cat Photographic Tour

Get Your Dream Big Cat Photographs

The #BigCatPhotoSafari has fast become one of the most popular photographic safaris in Southern Africa. Hosted in the world-renowned Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve, the high density & frequent sightings of lions & leopards allows you countless photographic opportunities. If you are lucky, you could see big cats on every single drive.

Luxury, Exclusivity & Flexibility

This safari is hosted at the luxurious Djuma Vuyatela lodge. The lodge is booked out exclusively for our guests to allow a more personal experience. This adds extra flexibility to the length of our game drives (read more about this here:

The ACQ Experience

Our Specialist Photographic Guides will help photographers of any level. Whether you’re a non-photographer using your phone or point and shoot camera, or you have all the gear and consider yourself a professional photographer, our Guides will make sure you leave with increased photographic knowledge.

Tour Focus

Big Cats (Leopards & Lions)
Photographic & Post-processing Training

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get, when you’re out under an African sky, anticipating what could be around the next corner. Something catches your attention. At that moment you realise you’re looking at a leopard on the hunt, his ears perked, body moving, as smooth as silk, his senses fully honed in on his target.

Join us for the Ultimate Big Cat Photo Safari!


Big Cat Safari Details

We invite you to join us as we photograph big cats in the world-renowned Sabi Sand Reserve, South Africa.

We are very proud to offer you this unique 5 day safari at Djuma situated in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, undoubtedly the best place in the world to see Leopards, and forming part of the Greater Kruger Park, covering 2.3 million hectares of virgin African bush.

Who is this Tour for?

Everyone & anyone is welcome, whether you are not interested in photography, an amateur photographer, somewhere in-between or a professional.

Tour Focus:

Big Cats (Leopards & Lions)
Photographic & Post-processing Training

Other Photographic Opportunities:

Big 5, Cheetah, African Wild Dog, Bird Photography, General Game, Landscapes, Nightscapes

What to Expect:

There are so many things one can get from a unique, relaxed, homely & magical place such as Djuma.

You will meet new people, make new friends, learn about the African bush, grow your photography and experience some unforgettable moments!

On each drive we will be on the search for the big cats, taking every opportunity we can to spend plenty of time with them. Limited traversing rights at Djuma allow us the opportunity to spend more time at each sighting, experiencing Africa at close quarters!

Photographer numbers are limited to a maximum of 6 per vehicle, giving you space for camera equipment and the comfort to move freely and get the best possible angle at each sighting.

Your safari experience is enhanced by the use of highly skilled trackers, knowledgeable game rangers, and an experienced wildlife photographer on each vehicle.

We love Africa & can’t wait to share it with you!

The Sabi Sands:

The most famous private game reserve of all. Sabi Sands Game Reserve, adjacent to South Africa’s flagship Kruger National Park, offers a safari experience found nowhere else in the world. Game viewing possibilities are simply unparalleled, including the much sought after ‘Big 5’.

The Sabi Sands is, in particular, well known for its amazing leopard sightings. Leopard, the most elusive of the Big 5, are frequently spotted when going on a game drive in the reserve. As such, Sabi Sands offers the ultimate photographic safari one can think of. You can be certain to return home with some absolutely stunning images and memories. Besides the Big 5, other game species occur in great numbers, among which are more than 300 bird species. Sabi Sands possibly makes the best South African safari destination for wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and bird watchers alike.

Dates & Prices
Dates Availibility Tour Price (pps)
21-25 April 2018 Fully Booked ZAR16250 / $1450
25-29 April 2018 Fully Booked ZAR16250 / $1450
21-29 April 2018 Fully Booked ZAR30875 / $2755
12-16 May 2018 Fully Booked ZAR16250 / $1450
16-20 May 2018 Fully Booked ZAR16250 / $1450
12-20 May 2018 Fully Booked ZAR30875 / $2755
09-13 June 2018 04 of 12 spots left ZAR16250 / $1450
13-17 June 2018 03 of 12 spots left ZAR16250 / $1450
09-17 June 2018 03 of 12 spots left ZAR30875 / $2755
22-26 July 2018  01 of 12 spots left ZAR16250 / $1450
26-30 July 2018 02 of 12 spots left ZAR16250 / $1450
22-30 July 2018  01 of 12 spots left ZAR30875 / $2755
26-30 August 2018 Fully Booked ZAR16250 / $1450
30 Aug – 03 Sept 2018 Fully Booked ZAR16250 / $1450
26 Aug – 03 Sept 2018 Fully Booked ZAR30875 / $2755
06-10 October 2018 06 of 12 spots left ZAR16250 / $1450
10-14 October 2018 07 of 12 spots left ZAR16250 / $1450
06-14 October 2018 06 of 12 spots left ZAR30875 / $2755


2019 #BigCatPhotoSafari

5 Day Safari (4 Nights)

R19550 / $1750 (Incl VAT)
Per person (No single supp)

Back to back Safari (8 Nights)

R39100 / $3500 (Incl VAT)
Per person (No single supp)

Dates Availibility
16 – 20 March 2019 12 of 12 spots left
20-24 March 2019 12 of 12 spots left
16-24 March 2019 12 of 12 spots left
13-17 April 2019 12 of 12 spots left
17-21 April 2019 12 of 12 spots left
13-21 April 2019 12 of 12 spots left
18-22 May 2019 08 of 12 spots left
22-26 May 2019 08 of 12 spots left
18-26 May 2019 08 of 12 spots left
15-19 June 2019 12 of 12 spots left
19-23 June 2019 12 of 12 spots left
15-23 June 2019 12 of 12 spots left
27-31 July 2019 12 of 12 spots left
31 July – 04 Aug 2019 12 of 12 spots left
27 July – 04 Aug 2019 12 of 12 spots left
31 Aug – 04 Sept 2019 12 of 12 spots left
04-08 Sept 2019 12 of 12 spots left
31 Aug – 08 Sept 2019 12 of 12 spots left
21-25 September 2019 Fully Booked
25-29 September 2019 Fully Booked
21-29 September 2019 Fully Booked

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Your booking includes:

  • 4/8 Nights Accommodation at the beautiful Djuma Private Game Reserve located in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve.
  • All meals and snacks.
  • Tea, Coffee, Hot chocolate, Fruit Juice & Water.
  • 8/16 Gamedrives, limited to 6 photographers per vehicle.
  • All post-processing training in Adobe Lightroom.
  • All photographic training.
  • A field guide, photographic guide & tracker per vehicle.
  • A small gift to say thank you!

Lodge & Safari Gallery



  • DSC_8024

    I would like to take this opportunity to say what an incredible time I had with Josh, Michael, Jurgen, Richard and Johan. The time and effort you all put in showed in the way we all thoroughly enjoyed the trip

    I am still not convinced that you didn’t do a background check on all the guests. The way we all got on so well and the very similar sense of humour we all had, was nothing short of amazing.

    Lastly, let me say that our trip was (without doubt) one of the most amazing bush experiences I have ever had.

    Thanks again, Lots of love, Jane.

    Jane Smart
  • Absolutely fantastic experience! Photographic knowledge greatly advanced. Fantastic people, guides, hosts, chef, photographers.

    Sharon Corbett
  • Excellent value for money. Good service + facilities. Great Sightings.

    Lyndon & Binai Govender
  • suelancstartrail One of the best Safari Experiences I have had. Personal, comfortable, attentive.

    Sue Lancaster
  • Thank you to "At Close Quarters" for a awesome Big Cat Photo Safari experience. Being surround by a great bunch of wildlife photography enthusiasts, the hospitality crew (Johan), the trackers and a whole lot of luck made for a memorable five days at Djuma.

    Anthony Louis
  • Taking photos of the rising sun Well worth the money. I am going home with a much better knowledge of my camera + photography skills. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I will be back!

  • Excellent experience as always, I enjoyed learning more about spotlight photography and this booklet will be my photography bible for all my upcoming trips! IMG_6001.JPG

  • To Joshua, Michael, Heinrich and Johan,

    This was my second adventure with At Close Quarters, and I hope to make another in the years to come.  You are kind, attentive, and gracious hosts.  I can attest to the fact that the meals you provide are scrumptious as I ate freely of your offerings and gained some excess baggage during my South African stay. The Sabi Sand is a area renown for its big cats and this trip provided your guests with a myriad of sightings of both lions and leopards and many cubs.  I hope the best for you in your guiding and photographic endeavors.  I certainly have, and will continue, to recommend you to anyone.  Thanks again for the wonderful time together with you, the lodge staff, guides and trackers, and the other guests.

    Valerie Smith USA
  • Joined At Close Quarters on their Big Cat Safari in Sabi Sand in Aug 2016. Had awesome sightings, superb accommodation, outstanding food, fantastic hosts, phenomenal guides and met great people. It was an unforgettable experience!

    Michelle van der Walt
  • denissmitphotos

    A wonderful thank you to the At Close Quarters team for an experience of a lifetime. We really enjoyed being with other photographers and the photographic teaching and coaching was of a very high standard. We also had a game viewing experience that was possibly unrepeatable with 6 Leopards and 15 Lions in one day. The hosts were relaxed, friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. The accommodation and food was excellent. All in all a most wonderful experience and I can without hesitation recommend At Close Quarters to anyone seeking an amazing photographic experience.

    Denis Smit

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Photographer?
No, whether you are a photographer or not, we would love you to join us for an incredible experience where you can relax, enjoy some amazing sights & learn from some of the best guides!

How do I get to the lodge?
You can access the Sabi Sands via road in a normal non 4×4 vehicle or by air. On booking we will provide you with everything you need to know about getting to Djuma.

What do I need to bring?
On booking we will provide you with a list of items to bring as a guideline.

What can I expect?
We want you to experience Africa at close quarters & learn more about the bush as well as your photography. You can read more about what you can expect from this tour by clicking on the detail tab. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to drop us a message.

The Sabi Sands is a Malaria area with the higher risk during the rainy season from October-February. We advise you to wear long pants after dark and use mosquito repellant as well as take all necessary precautions before your trip. Mosquito nets are provided in each room.We also advise you to chat to your local health specialist for advice.

There is no threat of Ebola/Zika viruses in South Africa and there have been no reported cases within the country.

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