Mashatu – First Impressions Matter

As a wildlife enthusiast and photographer, I am always both excited and apprehensive to visit a new location. ‘Will this location live up to my expectations? How will it compare to other [...]


Three Buffalo Kills

Drive 7 & 8 – Big Cat Photo Safari On our first group of guests’ final evening drive, we headed straight to the Quarantine Male leopard with his two kills. When we arrived we found him [...]


Mating leopards and a double kill

Drive 5 & 6 – Big Cat Photo Safari We set out on our afternoon drive yesterday in very hot conditions and decided to head to the eastern side of our traverse. Along the way we bumped into a [...]


Karula comes to camp

Drive 3 & 4 – Big Cat Photo Safari We set off on the afternoon drive and within 150 metres from camp, and two minutes into the drive, we found Karula, the Queen of Djuma. She was lying in the [...]


Cubs cubs cubs

Drive 1 & 2 – Big Cat Photo Safari Our guests arrived at Djuma in great spirit and anticipation for the days ahead. After a quick lunch and briefing, we headed out in search of some big [...]


Wildlife Photography Tip: Panning

PANNING Panning is a technique where you move (or ‘pan’) the camera and lens to follow a moving subject (animal or bird). The idea is that the subject stays more or less in the same [...]


Mating Lions on First Rock

During one of the afternoon drives on our recent At Close Quarters Big Cat Photographic Safari, our guests were treated to a really special sighting. We made our way to “first rock”, [...]



We woke up on the last morning of our first 2016 Big Cat Safari with mixed emotions. The thrill of going on drive whilst knowing it would be the last of the trip. The wild dogs had pushed off in [...]


Big Cats

This morning we woke up to some windy and overcast conditions. We headed out to follow up on some tracks close to the lodge when the radio came alive. Wild dogs had been spotted running right in [...]


Daybreak at the Den

First thing this morning we headed to the nearby hyena den and were greeted by five boisterous youngsters and two adults. They tumbled, tackled and chased each other around, stopping only to [...]

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