Timbavati Safari: Another perfect day on safari

At Close Quarters

Yesterday evening the weather had changed little from the morning and it was still cold and windy. This seemed to have an effect on the animals which were scarce during drive. We tracked a male leopard for some time but were unsuccessful in finding him. We were lucky to have a fleeting glimpse of a honey badger and a hyena which was great. After returning to camp and having dinner, two of our guests headed out to sleep in the outdoor treehouse which is built alongside a waterhole in the middle of the bush. On the way, we stopped and indulged in some astrophotography where our guests managed to get some fantastic images using the guidance we had given them earlier in the day.

This morning we woke to a clear and sunny day, the first of the trip. We drove to a lookout point where we enjoyed the sunrise and chorus of morning birdsong. We then headed out into the bush and decided to check on the hyena den. It was inactive and we decided to move on. We then stopped in a dry riverbed to get some images of spoor in the sand and to enjoy the smaller aspects of the bush. All of a sudden, a young hyena appeared close to us and had a drink in a small pan. This allowed our guests to get some eye level shots and experience shooting a somewhat dangerous animal on foot. Fantastic. We received a call on the radio about a female leopard and headed to where she had been seen.

We found the female moving actively through the bush. It seemed as though she was on the hunt. The vegetation was thick but we managed to have her walk by our vehicle multiple times. A truly amazing moment to experience a big cat up close like that. After spending an hour with her she headed into some very dense vegatation and we decided to leave her and to head back to camp for breakfast. Later we will head out on our final afternoon drive.


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