At Close Quarters


Our guests arrived at Djuma yesterday afternoon and, after a light lunch and briefing, headed into the bush. We photographed some rhinos and other general game before we found a Birmingham male lion and an Nkuhuma female lioness busy mating. The female had clearly given the male a smack as he was bleeding from the mouth and his face was covered in blood. We photographed the two lions during their courtship which was interesting to witness. It was not easy photographically as the female was giving the male the runaround and every time we positioned the vehicles, the lions moved.

We stopped on 2nd Rock for drinks before heading back to the west towards the lodge. Along the way we bumped into male leopard Thamba. He was in a playful mood and we enjoyed his antics as he used a tree as a spring board, jumping around and occasionally stalking small critters like mice. As it was dark, our guests were able to test out their manual mode settings under the guidance of our specialist guides. We then headed home for dinner and an early night.

This morning we headed out into a clear and still Sabi Sand. The sunrise was spectacular and enjoyed by all. We found some leopard tracks but were unsuccessful in tracking the cats. However, along the way we photographed all manner of game and birds. We saw 2 Bateleurs, a Martial Eagle and a Brown Snake Eagle.

We had also heard that some lions had crossed north into Torchwood and began tracking them down. After a long and difficult search, we eventually found the Torchwood pride of lions. There were 12 of them together and we spent some time with them as they lay in a fairly open area in the shade of a tree. It was wonderful to spend some time with them. By this time, we had been out for nearly four hours and decided to head back to camp for brunch and post-processing training with our guests. This afternoon we may follow up on the Torchwood Pride.

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