At Close Quarters


Yesterday it was very hot so we decided not to check on the Torchwood Pride. Instead, we decided that we would look for leopards close to camp. We found a large elephant bull in an open area and spent some time photographing the big guy. We then headed north and ended up at Sydney’s Dam.

We had a fantastic and interesting sighting where an African Fish Eagle had captured a large fish and was balancing on a tree trying to eat the fish. Suddenly, a Tawny Eagle arrived on the scene in an attempt to steal the catch. Another fish eagle then fought the Tawny off. The eagle with the catch took his fish to another dead tree in the middle of the dam and struggled to balance in the high winds, wings open, on one leg, balancing the fish in the other.

We then got a call that a leopard had been found and headed in that direction. It was Tingana, the large dominant male in the area. He was moving through a dry river bed and gave us multiple photographic opportunities as he went about his business. At one stage he stretched and yawned simultaneously in a yoga pose. We got front and side images of the brute before deciding to celebrate with a drink nearby. We stopped at twin dams and watched the sun go down stunningly before heading back to camp for a hearty dinner and warm camp fire.

This morning we headed north, our plan was to move into the area where the Torchwood Pride were yesterday in the hope of finding them again. It didn’t take long before we found tracks and started our pursuit. They entered a very thick area and we struggled to keep up. However, our other vehicle had also spotted some tracks and successfully found the Nkuhuma Pride of lions. They were lying half in the road and half in the bush. The cubs and lions gave us a few photographic opportunities but the pride seemed tired, presumably from a night of walking and were very lazy. We thus did not spend a lot of time with them and moved on.

Our attempts to locate the Torchwood Pride were unsuccessful and we think they have a kill in some dense bush. We moved on and found and photographed a large elephant bull and saw all the general game found in the area. We had an amazing sighting of two Saddled-Billed Storks right in front of camp which was an added bonus. Our stomachs led us back to camp for brunch and post-processing training before we head out again this afternoon.

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  • Alice Ross

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the live updates!! STUNNING photos!

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