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Yesterday afternoon our guests all headed to SafariLive final control room and met part of the team that brings daily live safaris to viewers all over the world. It was great for everyone to meet the team and see the technology used to stream live safaris across the globe. We then headed out on drive. As it was an extremely warm afternoon, we decided not to follow up on the Nkuhuma pride of lions and instead to concentrate on finding leopards close to camp.

We searched for Hosana Male leopard and soon found where his tracks crossed into our traversing area. We followed up and spent a lot of energy trying to find him. However, while we were searching for him, we bumped into Thandi Female leopard. She was very active and seemed interested in catching something to eat. She provided a few wonderful opportunities for us to photograph her and our guests were really pleased with the resulting images.

We settled for sun-downers at Treehouse Dam to a gorgeous sky with a nearly full moon rising. We showed our guests how to photograph the moon and get the craters in the moon to show up in their images. The sky looked brilliant in its various clolours. We then headed home for dinner. After dinner, we committed together with our guests, to search for cheetah in the morning.

This morning we headed north, one vehicle went into Torchwood and one into Buffelshoek. We were on a mission and ignored calls on the radio for a leopard in a tree and a pride of lions. We had an incredible sighting of about 50 white backed vultures who we photographed. They were hanging around an area where we think lions had made a kill but we did not see any remains. We also had an amazing zebra sighting on an airstrip with beautiful back light. We then heard that two cheetah had been seen at Nkorho waterhole and were heading to Torchwood. Would we get lucky?

We headed straight there and heard that the cheetah had crossed into Torchwood. We drove around in search of them and ended up at Green Pan which has a nice big open area. We turned a corner and there they were, in the road. Two stunning male cheetah. The feeling of elation we all had was indescribable. From our chat in the evening last night to actually finding cheetah this morning, it was unreal. We then spent a long time with them as they moved through the open area. They passed a large harem of zebra who chuffed and bounced around in defiance of the predators. Our guests took some magical shots of the Big Cats.

Having spent good time with the coalition, who were now resting in some shade, we decided to stop for coffee on the Buffelshoek airstrip. After coffee, feeling satisfied with ourselves, we made a slow drive back to camp for brunch before we will spend some one on one time with our guests.


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  • Maec de Chalain

    I know I have commented a number of times but you guys do is in the city such a favour sharing all the magic of such trips. Such great phoyograph wirthy sightings.

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