Live Update: Males on the move

At Close Quarters


Our guests arrived at Djuma from all over the country and, after sharing a light lunch, were briefed about the next few days.

We headed out on drive and and soon heard of some leopard tracks which we followed up on immediately. We found tracks of a young female and male leopard which we believed to be Xongile and Hosana.

The tracks criss-crossed the roads and it was difficult to tell in which direction the leopards were headed. We stopped to watch two male waterbuck approach a mud wallow when suddenly ACQ guide Villiers Steyn spotted a glimpse of a leopard as it ducked to hide from the two antelope.

It was Hosana. He was soon up and on the move. We followed along. Out of nowhere a crested francolin flew up towards him and, in a flash, he caught the bird. Amazing! He quickly dispatched of the small meal and carried on heading towards our southern boundary. He stopped briefly in a small road, allowing for a few images, before he crossed over into a southern property.

After a drinks stop next to a waterhole, we headed back to the lodge for dinner.

This morning we headed out into an extremely misty Sabi Sands. We soon found some male leopard tracks and began the tracking process. A guest noticed three impala rams who looked nervous and we stopped to investigate. They suddenly started alarm calling and out of nowhere, a large male leopard, Tingana, walked towards us in the road.

It was a fleeting glimpse as he disappeared into some very thick vegetation where we could not follow. We then heard that a male lion had crossed onto our property and headed there immediately.

We found him and followed him as he moved about. He was actively hunting and it was great to see him so active. After losing the lion in the thickets we headed to Buffelshoek Dam for coffee. On the way, we enjoyed an amazing elephant sighting where the elephants dug for water, had dust baths and came very close to our vehicles to investigate us.

After our coffee break we started driving off and saw the same male lion heading straight towards us. Wow, that was close! He came down to the water’s edge for a drink just as the sun started to break through the mist. Our guests all managed to capture some great images of him drinking before he indulged us with multiple walk-bys. After banking some great images of the lion, we headed back to the lodge for brunch. This afternoon we plan to search for some leopards.

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  • Sue lancaster

    Oh Trevor. I’m so green right now. Sounds amazing as always Any confirmed news about karula?

  • Alice Ross

    What a way to start a trip of a lifetime. Such amazing sightings (and great photies too Trev). There is no food for the soul like the bushveld and nature especially on the crisp winter mornings where anything can (AND DOES) pop out the bush to surprise you.
    Well written and fabulous photo’s – looking forward to next update!

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