Live Update: When lions roar

At Close Quarters


Yesterday afternoon we headed out and our plan was to search for some leopards while we drove towards an area where three male lions had been seen.
Along the way we had some great photographic opportunities of some general game as well as some of the smaller creatures that are found in the area.

Just before we stopped for drinks we had an incredible Rhino sighting where a mother and tiny calf interrupted 4 adult Rhinos who were drinking at a pan. It was amazing to see these endangered animals and to hear the small calf vocalising and playing boisterously around the pan.

After a quick drinks stop we found the three male lions as they became active, yawning, grooming and greeting each other.

They quickly got on the move and headed towards the same pan we had seen the rhinos earlier. We positioned our vehicles around the pan but the lions did not come for a drink. Instead, they put on a display of force and power.

The three lions began roaring into the darkness. With each roar, we could see the steam in their breaths. This provided some truly spectacular photographic opportunities. Our Specialist Guides, Rangers and Trackers worked as a team to provide back and side lighting as the lions obliged and roared again and again.

Everyone managed to get some one in a lifetime images and our spirits were all extremely high as we headed back to the lodge for some welcome drinks around the fire followed by dinner and recounts of the evening.

This morning we made our way to a nearby hyena den to check for activity but unfortunately the hyenas had not returned from a night out foraging.

We then found some fresh male leopard tracks and began the tracking process. It was really tough to pin point where the leopard was but we persisted. We had a great sighting of an African Hawk Eagle that caught a slender mongoose but it flew off before we could capture and images of the kill.

Our tracker headed into a block to search for the leopard on foot and walked straight into him as he lay in a tree. The leopard bolted into a drainage line and we could not get into the area. This afternoon we plan to locate the leopard again.


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  • Marc de Chalain

    Amazing trip!!!

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