At Close Quarters


Yesterday afternoon it was very hot and so we planned to visit Thandi and Hosana once it cooled down. We drove around and did some high key images of zebra and tried out some other photographic techniques. We found a large elephant bull in a drainage line and saw him spray himself with water. We were not sure if he dug the water out or carried it in his trunk from a waterhole. We then took a swing past the wildebeest carcass but the lions had left and vultures had already picked the carcass clean.

Whilst driving around during the early afternoon heat we bumped into the Nkuhuma Pride with one of the Birmingham males who were passed out in the shade of a gwarri  thicket, the Birmingham male was being irritated by some flies and provided us with some photographic opportunities, but short before long went back into a deep sleep.

We then headed to Hosana and Thandi. When we arrived we were surprised to see that Hosana had stolen Thandi’s steenbok kill and placed it with his impala in the tree. Both Hosana and Thandi were lying below the tree in the grass. We waited with the two cats for a long time in the hope that they would climb the tree. They did not. We then received a call that Shadow was spotted nearby drinking and we headed to her. We found her moving through the grass and saw her stalk a duiker but, unfortunately for her, she was unsuccessful in catching the small antelope. It was not an ideal situation to take photographs but very interesting to see her behaviour as she moved through the dense vegitation.

We then headed to a rise in the landscape and watched the sun set behind the Drakensberg mountains before we headed back to the lodge for dinner. On the way home we had a quick sighting of a Genet and a small mouse.

This morning we decided to explore some different areas and headed north and then east into Buffelshoek. We photographed a beautiful sunrise. The light was so stunning that it allowed us the chance to photograph all manner of animals. We photographed vultures, wildebeest and a saddle-billed stalk in flight. We then drove on and tracked wild dog and the Torchwood pride but were unsuccessful in locating them.

We then stopped at a nearby waterhole and had some coffee and photographed some hippo at eye-level before we slowly made our way back to the lodge. On the way back, we bumped into the Nkuhuma Pride who were lazying about, feet in the air. We may visit them this afternoon.



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