LIVE UPDATE: Another Roaring Success

At Close Quarters


Yesterday afternoon we set out on our final afternoon drive of this Safari and decided to search for some leopards around the lodge. We soon found tracks for 4 leopards. A mating pair and a mother and cub. We assumed it was Shadow and her cub and had been hoping to see the two all trip. We tracked them for a while before our rangers and trackers headed out on foot to see if they could find anything. They managed to find the cub and we drove into the block to see if we could get a visual. Unfortunately, the cub was very shy and we were unable to see it. We decided not to pressurize the cub and moved off.

We had a wonderful final sundowners at Treehouse Dam before heading towards the Nkuhumas and their buffalo kill. On the way we bumped into a Birmingham Male lying in the middle of the road. He started an almighty roar right in front of us in the road. What an experience for our guests. He then made his way towards Buffelshoek dam and we caught up with him there as he came down for a lengthy drink. He then climbed onto the dam wall and roared echoingly to his brother who was at the kill. It was such a perfect way to end our final evening out in the bush. We headed back to camp for a braai/barbecue while the lions continued to roar around us.

This morning started with a Birmingham Male walking right in front of camp while we had coffee. We then headed out and decided to follow up on Shadow and her cub. We tracked them for more than an hour but came up unsuccessful and moved on.

We drove a large loop into the east and bumped into the Birmingham male as he crossed our southern boundary.

We stopped at Green Pan for coffee and indulged in a game of Bok Drol Spoeg. A really amusing competition ensued before we carried on our way. We found an adult hyena at Buffelshoek Dam with an entire buffalo leg it had stolen from the lion kill. It took the leg into the water, presumably to soften the meat. A great scene for some interesting images.

We then made our way to the lion kill where we found a hyena feeding whilst a committee of vultures looked on from the trees. On our way back to camp we made a stop at a hyena den and were lucky to find a mother and her two small black cubs lying outside. We got some great images of the cubs interacting with each other and mom before we headed back to the lodge for our final brunch.

We said our goodbyes to our amazing group of guests and headed home. In three weeks time we will be back in the Sabi Sands for 13 more nights and 3 groups our guests. Until then, bye for now.


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